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At Lever Flooring, we have a series of flooring setup services that can offer you a fresh make over for your residential or commercial property's interior-- however it's not always the best choice to move on from your existing installation. Hardwood floorings, in particular, are meant to have lengthy life expectancies, and it's possible that a floor refinishing procedure could show extremely efficient in extending the life of your hardwood floor installation. There are a number of factors that you might wish to consider this process at your home, a few of which we'll go through just listed below. If this looks like a service that you may be thinking about, speak with our client service group and they can assist to set up a consultation with our flooring contractors.

What is Hardwood Floor Refinishing?

When it pertains to floor maintenance and treatments, many individuals struggle with keeping in mind which term means what-- and naturally so, there's a lot going on. What precisely is hardwood floor refinishing? This is the procedure where a floor covering professional sands down the outside surface of the hardwood floor using manual and mechanical sanding techniques. Once this is completed, the flooring is then often treated with a fresh layer of stain or protective treatment-- which offers it a bit more resistance to the physical pressures that floorings handle on a day to day basis. The precise process can vary depending on the kind of hardwood that is being refinished, however this is the most common strategy.

Restored Visual Appeal

One of the most common factors that individuals decide to refinish their hardwood floor is since they want it look as good as it did when they first had it set up. Hardwood floorings are partially so preferable since they provide a timeless and stylish appearance, but they're also pretty resilient. Despite this, it is possible that they'll end up being blemished and shabby if they've been used for a long period of time. In those cases, a refinishing ends up being the obvious thing to do. Scuffs and marks will be a thing of the past as soon as you bring us into the fold.

Expense Effective Service

Lots of people don't recognize it, but a lot of hardwood floors which look 'finished' are in fact still in a salvageable condition. It's incredibly pricey to rip up a wood floor and change it, as the cost of the materials (along with the labor) are through the roof. You're much better off examining the possibility of refinishing the flooring, particularly as the outcomes are most likely to look near new anyhow. This is definitely the most cost effective alternative available to you.

Raising Property Valuations

You may believe that a refinishing service is an unnecessary overindulgence. The floor may still be practical, even if it's not looking its best. Nevertheless, that reasoning doesn't hold up when you take a look at the details. If you enable the flooring to remain in a decayed condition, additional damage is likely to happen, and this will indicate replacing the flooring eventually anyway. Additionally, the refinishing procedure can in fact raise the valuation and salability of the home, so you could actually stand to make gains by buying this service.

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