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Don't forget, the floor covering in your residential or commercial property is of critical importance. It has a major effect on the visual beauty of the area that it is located in, and you'll be investing a lot of time moving around on it-- so it requires to be comfy and useful. This suggests that you should be very mindful about the type of floor covering installation material you go for, obviously, but it also means you need to consider who's going to manage the installation. Quality flooring specialists might be the difference between an appealing floor that stands the test of time, and one that will quickly fall to pieces. That's where we can help.

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At Lever Flooring, our chief concern is the quality installation of high class floorings for our clients across the Montgomery, Alabama location. Although a number of our services are based around natural wood flooring, we can provide a lot of value and utility for those who have an interest in vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, and engineered wood floor covering. We deliver just the absolute best for our consumers, and that indicates working tirelessly to accomplish the highest requirements, time and time again. If you're trying to find a trusted service that won't let you down, or charge you a fortune, we're the clear frontrunners.

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    Our Services

    We have created a series of services to ensure that we have the ability to fully take care of our clients' flooring needs—and we have yet to encounter a situation where we have been unable to intervene. We can assist you with wood floor refinishing, flooring repairs, and general flooring installation work. Whether you need a laminate flooring installer, a vinyl flooring installer, or a hardwood flooring installer, you're definitely in the right place. If you're unsure whether we'll be able to assist you with your project, our customer care team can step in and provide clarity.

    hardwood floor refinishing in montgomery

    It does not mean you require to rip it out and install a brand-new one if you have a hardwood floor at your property that has ended up being significantly blemished. Hardwood floor refinishing procedures are an exceptional way to increase the number of years of your floor's lifespan-- and we think you may be shocked to see simply how great they appear after we're finished. Naturally, this also represents an extremely cost efficient option compared with a new hardwood floor installation.

    wood floor repair in montgomery

    In the past, our wood floor repair group have handled damaged slats and planks, unequal floors, and all manner of other issues frequently related to wood flooring. We'll make sure that your floor is in a safe, stable condition, which you won't require you to stress over changing the material too soon.

    hardwood floor installation in montgomery

    Deciding to go with hardwood flooring is often an easy one. These are incredibly popular across the United States, which should not be news to anybody. Hardwood floorings are timelessly sophisticated and appealing, need minimal upkeep even after years of use, and they're very hardwearing-- so structural concerns are not anticipated to emerge. Our wood flooring installer is the premier alternative in the area for anyone interested in having a hardwood floor installed.

    engineered wood floor repair in montgomery

    Many individuals are seeking the aesthetic of a hardwood floor, but aren't able to manage the upfront expense required to actually have one set up. In those cases, engineered wood floorings represent a truly fantastic choice. They have a likewise excellent visual beauty, however the cost of setup is much lower. They're durable, and anticipated to last for 30 or 40 years without starting to deteriorate-- which makes their lifecycle cost that more outstanding.

    laminate flooring installation in montgomery

    You're onto a prudent course of action if you're interested in a laminate flooring for your residential or commercial property. Laminate floorings are available in a series of styles and colors, and the low cost of setup is always appealing. In addition, they handle foot traffic and basic wear and tear without any issues. This type of resistance and physical performance are hard to discover among other flooring options.

    vinyl flooring installation in montgomery

    Vinyl flooring has actually been around for years and it has just recently delighted in renewed popularity. This is since the quality of the vinyl plank floor covering has never ever been better-- and yet the cost of the installation is still extremely low. Frequently discovered in business buildings and family homes, vinyl flooring is strong, long lasting, and resistant to spots and discoloration. Considering the expense of entry, there's little else out there able to match up.

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    You should bring us into the fold if you're looking for someone to manage your basic flooring installation or repair work needs. Lever Flooring is the number one service in the Montgomery, Alabama area, and we'll do whatever we can to make sure you get an outcome that you're thrilled with. To set up a visit, or to get more information on our prices or services, talk to our customer support team. They're obtainable through our main phone number throughout our regular working hours, and through our online contact type too. Both are accessible on our website. Talk to us today, and make the best possible choice for you and your home.